Packing List

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Please call Sweetwater Fly Shop at 406.222.9393 and speak with Dan Gigone or email The fly shop has  extensive experience at the Copper River Lodge and can answer any questions relating to equipment needed. Get 10% off when ordering gear!  As thank you for your business, Sweetwater Travel Company will pay 10% of your final bill for any gear purchased for this trip.


___Airline tickets
___Travelers checks or cash
___Fishing license (printed)


___Winter hat
___Fishing hat/Visor
___Light and heavy wt long underwear - top & bottom
___Heavy wt fleece jacket/pullover
___Light-heavy wt socks - Several pair. No cotton.
___Waterproof jacket with hood
___Gore-Tex waders
___Wading belt
___Wading boots - NO FELT BY LAW, IF YOU NEED 
___Casual long/short sleeved shirts, pants



___Waterproof Bag - Large enough to carry gear for the day
___Polarized sunglasses
___Bandana or The Buff
___Camera, Batteries
___Sun Screen SPF 25+
___Lip Balm
___Reading material - books, magazine, etc
___Reading glasses
___Insect repellent
___Prescription medications
___Bug head net (optional)

Fishing gear

___Fly Rods - 5/6 wt (trout), 8/9 wt (salmon) July only
___Fly reels - make sure to match well with rods
___Spare spools (optional)
___Fly lines - floating line trout & salmon
___Tapered leaders 9 ft 1X - at least 3
___Tippet spools - 0X, 1X, & 2X (optional)
___Fly boxes
___Flies - if you want to try your own
___Fly floatant (optional June and July)
___Strike indicators (optional)
___Fishing pack/vest
___Split shot size B & BB (optional)
___Tape measure (optional)